Indian - American Entrepreneur / Philanthropist

Mr. Tanuj Jayendra Patel, renowned name in the mind of people living in India and outside. A young entrepreneur, at the age of 36 years, earns lot of name and fame around the world. The virtues taught by his parents to serve the society selflessly, encourages him for the upliftment and the betterment of citizens. The fragrance of his services spreads globally by crossing the sovereignty.

Though Mr. Patel resides in United States since decade but his heart always beats for his motherland. Even though his whole family settled in US, he always cares for the citizens of his home country.

To streamline his work, he founded non profitable Organization for the upliftment of underprivileged persons and to reach to the every nook and corner of the region. Within a short span of time the organization reach at the Pinnacle. Under the leadership of Mr. Patel, the foundation has done several tasks which were not even done by the organizations which are well established since decades. The foundation has done remarkable activities during the covid-19 pandemic. It served the millions of people by providing meal, grocery kit ,fruits and vegetables to the impoverished persons. Thousands of people lost their jobs and businesses. due to the pandemic, at that time the major question for all of the people was "survivalness". At that time, Mr. Patel emerged as Masiha and served the needy people without looking back. To stop the spread of novel corona, the foundation distributed millions of mask and sanitizers free of cost. and saved the person from corona. Thousands of migrant laborers worried how to reach at their home during the lock down, at that time Mr. Patel came forward and arranged to send laborers at their home safely.

Apart from this, under guidance of Mr Patel, the foundation is doing generous tasks like save girl child, tree plantation, beat plastic pollution, cloth donation drive, aahar- food for all and encourages girl child education by providing scholarship program to girl child. Because of his generosity and philanthropy, Mr. Patel has received star 2020 award by World record UK and Times Gujarat Icon 2020 award by Times of India.

Furthermore, Mr. Patel has vast experience in the field of finance. JK Securities, a most trusted brand led by Mr. Patel from 1995 to 2007. Due to his diligence and impetuousness the brand had more than 57,000 happy clients across the state. Not only in India but in United States , Mr. Patel has several endeavors. LD capital is one among them. LD capital is one of the biggest and most trusted commercial real estate lending company. It has done more than $1.2 billion. funding in last two decades. Mr. Patel raised more than $300 million crowd funding for different real estate projects.

Mr. Patel also founded T square hospital to provide the world-class facilities to the patients. The intention is to save the community and save their lives as nothing is precious than the life of people. The hospital has the medical van which provides the facility to move the patients in an outside of the town without any charges( free of cost) hence no any person lost their life due to unavailability of the medical van.

To abbreviate, Mr. Patel has phenomenal personality which influenced thousands of youngsters to think uniquely and serve the nation hence Mr. Patel is Icon for so many youngsters around the nation.

This journey not stop over here and it will continue further and will achieve the benchmarks every time.